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News, reviews and WIZ views

Welcome to the blog!


News, views and WIZ reviews! We want to make sure that outside the of the WIZ community you have access to what else is going on in the world of publishing and writing.

We want to share recommended courses, events, workshops and more. Anything that we think will benefit you.

Some of those will be local, paid for, events being run for the literary community, some may be online classes or events we think may be of use to the community (writers and illustrators!).

We will also be featuring community book highlights, event highlights and write-ups and more. Stay tuned!

What does the WIZ represent?

As an International group of writers, illustrators and bookish folk, based in Zurich, we felt we needed a place to share news, updates, things going on, write-ups of literary local events and more.

Why now?

The core team behind the WIZ are volunteers who want our community to grow, and keep growing. We want nothing more for our WIZ collective to feel they have a fun and safe space to develop and feel supported. But it is important to remember that, as I've already mentioned, we are volunteers, giving our time and energy freely.

Often, the literary path is an expensive one, you have to pay for literary memberships, pay for space, and pay a LOT for workshops, events and the opportunity to share your passion with others. And that is why we try to keep our WIZ community events free and accessible.

But we still need a place to share with you what's going on locally though and encourage you to get out and about, to discover new things and get involved in your local community.


While we do encourage member engagement we do ask that you don't try to sell your own services to the WIZ community. We have had occasions where new people have joined the WIZ in hope it is an opportunity to push their own businesses and services. Don't do that. This is not what we are about and we will have to ask you to leave. We are happy for you to come, meet us, get involved and tell us about what you do (without expectation).

The WIZ community is about engagement, giving back, help and encouragement, not what you can financially gain from others. We also want to emphasise that while we have a wonderful space available to us in Kosmos, being a member of the WIZ does not entitle you to have your book in their store. They are a business, a wonderful business at that with one of the best booksellers in town, and so full respect must be given to any decisions they make on what books they can or can't sell in their store.

We look forward to sharing more soon!

We can't wait to start sharing our new, views and WIZ reviews with you all.

Coming up on our blog:

Riv Begün shares her experience of David Grossman's author talk at the Zurich Literature Festival

Alnaaze Nathoo shares her experience of Marlon James' author talk and book reading from the Zurich Literature Festival.

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